10 Leading Software Development Companies in Johannesburg, South Africa

We've listed the leading software development companies in Johannesburg, South Africa. Take a look at a few of the disruptors driving technological innovation and helping businesses optimise their sales and operations

Custom software development is fast becoming an important industry in South Africa. If you want your business to stay ahead of the curve and have an edge over your closest competitors, streamlining your operations and introducing the wonder of technology is by far your best bet.

So, for those businesses looking to make an impact in the market, we’ve compiled a list of leading software development companies operating in the buzzing city of Johannesburg. In no particular order, take a look at the disruptors driving technological innovation and helping businesses optimise their sales and operations.


SovTech logoWhile this company only launched in 2012, it already boasts an impressive list of clients, from start-ups to big enterprises, including the big four banks.  Sovtech is perhaps most renowned for building  South Africa’s first cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. The brand is made up of an expert team of elite engineers, designers, coders and industry specialists and promises to deliver world class technology and service that gives their clients a global competitive edge. Their tech stack includes  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain,  Cryptocurrencies,  Mobile & Web Apps, Enterprise Apps and more.

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Enterpriseworx logoEnterpriseWorx was established in 2003 and specialises in providing Data Management, Business Intelligence and Software Engineering services. Solutions are specifically tailored to the client’s unique needs by applying best practices, agile methodologies and superior technology. EnterpriseWorx is able to provide guidance and advice throughout the whole custom software development process. They have a wealth of experience developing software and applications in different industries including, retail, banking, marketing, insurance and mobile.

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Entelect logoEntelect’s custom software development has been helping companies all over the world and it’s these customized solutions that differentiate Entelect in the marketplace. Their solutions help their clients stay competitive and deal with the ever-changing demands of business. Entelect have been around since 2002 and now boast an impressive 400+ software engineers that help Entelect deliver custom software to companies across all industries.

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Britehouse logoBritehouse understands that the future is digital and transformation is a must. Priding themselves on hiring top talent and partnering with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft puts them in good company as one of the best software companies in Johannesburg. With the ability to implement technology faster, this company allows customers to extract value from their solutions sooner, giving them a jump start on their digital journey.

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Platform45 logoSpecialising in Ruby on Rails development, Platform45 builds design driven software for web and mobile. The company understands that in order for the solution to work, you need to understand the problem. Platform45 researches, designs, builds and delivers high quality work, collaborating closely with clients to continuously tweak and improve the product to suit the ever-changing market needs.

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dvt logoDVT prides themselves on hiring “smart people” who deliver “smart solutions”. As a top software company in Johannesburg and South Africa, DVT are an ideal tech partner to help you make the shift to digital and focus on digital technology solutions for their global clients. Specialising in Mobile app, web and custom software development it is no wonder they have over 700 staff helping clients around the world. DVT also offer consultation and testing automation and have a vision of helping each client make an impact in the market place.

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MIP logoMIP is a leading company in IT solutions, software and application development in South Africa. Focusing on the financial services in the emerging markets, MIP is the company to choose when looking for affordable business and IT solutions. MIP’s digital stack is a flexible and “highly scalable component-based system” that focuses on today’s hyper-connected customers.

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Dariel logoDariel is a proudly South African company which focuses on bespoke software development designed specifically to their clients needs. Growing steadily since 2001, Dariel boasts an environment that perfectly blends experience with youthful exuberance to facilitate sound strategy with the magic of fresh thinking.

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Softworx logoSoftworx, a subsidiary of EOH, partners with one of the world’s leading software providers and technology partner, infor. The company brings together an unmatched level of deep strategic expertise and world-class solutions that are purpose-built for specific industries. Softworx provides complete suites that are designed to support progress – for individuals, for businesses, and across networks.

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bbd logoBBD started over 30 years ago and is responsible for building systems and software behind some of the largest and advanced enterprises in Johannesburg and South Africa. Started by three tech enthusiasts, this company does software development for both private and public sectors and currently employs over 700 digital specialists. Working closely with some of South Africa’s biggest private and public companies, BBD has a fantastic track-record of delivering only the highest quality software solutions, taking those companies to the next level.

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