Top Cities to Visit for a High-Tech Experience

Technology is more than just a carrier of information but is also known as the science of art, skill and experience. Here we list the too cities offering some of the best tech experience out there.

“Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”  – Clarence Day


If you’re looking for a high tech experience, here’s a list of 8 cities you must visit.


(1) San Fran, USA

San Francisco has a robot-run restaurant, called Eatsa. It’s an eatery staffed almost entirely by robots. Here patrons won’t even see a cashier, waiter, or waitress, and there are no queues. Just order on the in-store iPad or via the downloadable app on your phone and the order will materialise in a personalised cubby.

There are also rumours of the first robot-fuelled burger joint opening in San Fransisco. These machines will be able to slice, grill, assemble and bag 400 artisan burger every hour.

(2) London, UK

London has launched the first Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade called DNA VR. It’s a distinctive venue where anyone can engross themselves in exhilarating adventures. DNA VR rouse very real emotions as visitors are inside the experience rather than just watching. Whether you’re conquering Everest, travelling to Mars or surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, you’re now part of the DNA VR experience rather than just a spectator.

(3) Singapore

Singapore’s status as a cosmopolitan society, along with strong state backing for technology research, are both reasons that the world’s leading artificial intelligence talent are drawn to Singapore. Companies such as Marvelstone Ventures and Alibaba have their sites set on developing AI hubs of their own in the city. The government has also proven support by announcing plans of a dedicated data science consortium, and pledged Sg$150 million (US$110 million) to industry research.

(4) Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s famous electronics district, Akihabara, is known to have the latest high-tech goods first. From digital cameras to CPUs, Akihabara is notoriously the niche of the niche. Products that might be difficult to get your hands on in other parts of the world are freely available in Akihabara. Electronics aren’t the only attraction here, as gaming, anime, cosplay and hentai have begun to infiltrate the district as well.


(5) Seoul, South Korea

Set up in public spaces with high footfall, like subways and bus stops, Seoul has eased the shopping for groceries boredom by introducing virtual stores. These virtual stores are frequented daily by tech-savvy commuters who, via downloaded app, use their smartphones to scan QR codes of desired items. Posters in the virtual stores are designed to look like the shopping aisles and store, making the experience very user-friendly. Customers then pay online and arrange a time for home delivery.

(6) Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is in essence the most cashless society on the planet. Most of the country’s bank branches have stopped handling cash; many shops, museums and restaurants now only accept plastic or mobile payments. Stockholm plans to go completely cash-free and oil-free in the next few years. The city is also the world’s second-fastest-growing market for venture capital investments, has the most billion-dollar startups in Europe, while programmers continue to be drawn to Stockholm to set their paths for successful futures.

(7) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite being smaller than its neighbours, Amsterdam is a triple threat of financial technology, energy efficiency, and startup culture. Lawmakers announced the plan to ban gas and diesel cars by 2025 in favor of electric vehicles. It’s impossible to walk the streets of Amsterdam and not notice all the electric cars and their charging stations.

(8) Vancouver, Canada

Thanks to the city’s strong start-up culture, Vancouver has been called “Silicon Valley North”.  Vancouver boasts more than 600 digital media companies that generate more than $2 billion in revenue, tech-focused universities and low corporate tax rates.

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