Tradeshift Network Ltd. Copenhagen

Tradeshift is the business commerce company.

In 2005, entrepreneurs Christian, Mikkel and Gert had a vision: to connect every business in the world. So when the Danish National IT & Telecom Agency asked them to create an e-invoice network, they saw an opportunity to create something bigger. First, they built EasyTrade, the world’s first open-source trade platform.* (Did they blow a few minds and break some rules along the way? You bet they did.) Then, the trio got to work again. This time, to realize their vision of an open business platform for the whole world, not just Europe. A platform that would transform the way businesses work together. From broken to efficient; from complicated to simple; from archaic to modern.

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Landemærket 10
København 1119 DK
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08:30 - 17:30