Built for the 1928 Summer Olympics, the Olympic Stadium is now Ireckonu’s headquarters, and home to a wide spectrum of likeminded, innovative businesses. In early 2014, Ireckon’s data-driven consulting practice identified a unique opportunity within the hospitality industry. Working closely with citizenM hotels, a unique “middleware”, flexible enough to glue all a hotel’s disparate information systems together was born. Ireckonu was founded in late 2014 to focus on commercialization and execute on the innovative new platform’s technology roadmap. The Ireckonu platform has already demonstrated astonishing results in the hospitality industry, in major hotels as well as boutique operations, recording growth in overall guest satisfaction of more than 14% in some cases, including one entire hotel chain. At Ireckonu, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of backgrounds. Together, we are bound by our love for a single source of truth, data-driven.

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