IT solutions for home and office

The idea behind Conlex is to be the best in all things ICT and digital offering. Conlex provides its clients with tailor made solutions, customised to meet their specific needs.

As a provider of innovative and creative services Conlex collaborates with other forward-thinking companies to infuse technology with business insights through the use of cloud, mobile, IoT and big data.

Our solutions/services are innovative and marry into business processes. Conlex creates value for its clients via its varied digital offering. It’s response to today’s business dynamics is to enable its clients to create, run agile and intelligent digital businesses through the utilisation of its solutions and services.

Since our inception, We have helped our clients to scale, become market leaders by creating solutions specific to their needs and related IT services. We are your leading authority and your go to company in all things digital and ICT- Conlex creating solutions for Africa

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